Where Can I Advertise My Available Units for Free?

January 1, 2021

Where can I advertise my available units for free? In a recent blog post, we said, What Does a Property Manager Do?  The number one job of a property manager is Tenant Screening. “The cost of choosing the wrong tenant is steep — in terms of time, money, and, in some cases, legal difficulties. Finding and placing a qualified tenant demands both diligence and knowledge. A qualified tenant is a tenant who passes a background and credit verification check and receives a good reference from current and past landlords and employers. Finding a qualified tenant also involves setting a rental price and advertising.”

“But wait,” you say; first, I need potential tenants to screen. Where can I advertise my available units for free? Advertising is not cheap, you know!

Where Can I Advertise My Available Units for Free?

List your rental with us, WorryFreeTenant. We charge you nothing to list.

For only $40, WFT allows a prospective tenant to fill out the application and upload all of their documents just one time. When the report is complete, the tenant can automatically share it with all WFT landlords they are connected to and any other landlords invited to WFT. Your report is active for 60 days.

You can also list your property through Delaware Realty Management. When you list with us, we will do the Tenant Screening for a small fee beginning at $99. We will do the Rent Accounting for $45 per unit. Delaware Realty Management will handle the Leasing, including marketing and showings, tenant screening, rent deposit, and collection, etc., all for the cost of one month’s rent.

 As the Property Manager

Management is the third word in our name. As the property manager:

  • We collect rent online
  • Request one-time payments for move-in costs, deposits, utilities, etc.
  • Bill automatic late fees
  • Track maintenance requests
  • Organize and track your property expenses
  • Upload and share important documents
  • Screen and collect payments from an unlimited number of tenants and roommates
  • Export payment histories to financial software
  • Use multiple bank accounts to collect rent and other payments.

The Job of Property Manager

On your own, a property manager’s job will run you ragged and is a thankless job that may eat-up 40 hours driving all over the city, fixing leaky bathrooms pipes, fixing A/Cs, and solving maintenance problems. We handle the property manager job for 9% per month.

Imagine solving issues all day long, only to get home to hear that a tenant moved out and left the apartment in a sad condition. Not only do you need to get that apartment back quickly into good rental condition, but you need to screen for another tenant. A vacancy is a significant expense. Many rental property owners think they can handle all the problems and save money; however, a property manager’s job is one of the most challenging occupations.


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