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Delaware Property Management is a critical branch of Delaware Realty Management, founded by two licensed real estate agents around 1990. Since then, their property management and rental experience have taught them to be aware of and understand the stresses and risks of the property rental process.


Among property management companies in  Delaware, we’re the best!

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Services We Offer Renters and Property Owners

For many, the first encounter with a property management company is when they rent for the first time—once they have graduated from high school or college or when they start their first full-time job. We believe a property management company is better prepared to work with new renters than the typical individual landlord.

We also offer a lot to the property owners, who often are delighted to hand off property management responsibilities to experienced professionals like us. As we see it, they have their own work lives and the skills that go along with them. So why would they hesitate to let us do some (or even all) of the heavy lifting in property management?

The following describes what we offer property owners and their tenants (or prospective tenants).

Tenant Screening

Available in all 50 states

Tenant screening is essential to effective Delaware property management. It is also the first step after the would-be landlord or property manager receives the application. No doubt, someone eager to rent will be very nervous at the prospect of being screened. Remember, though, that screening is meant to protect both property owners and other tenants.

The screening process begins when a prospective tenant fills out and submits an online application. Our site can upload supporting documents too, so there’s no need for an envelope or stamps.

Then the screening begins in earnest, with credit, background, rental history and eviction reports. We also request current and previous landlord references when it’s feasible. We then submit the complete application to the owner for approval.

Our tenant screening process is available nationwide. We should note, though, that there is additional lease preparation and signing service for Delaware properties.


Delaware Only

The concept of management can vary a great deal from one industry—or company—to another. For example, property managers must uphold a contract with owners to maintain their rental units, take care of tenants’ needs (e.g., home repairs, storm damage), collect rent and notice when a lease is up for renewal, and other “duty of care” responsibilities.

We want our tenants and former tenants to speak well of us, so, as managers, we go above and beyond basic landlord expectations. We send notices when there will be a disruption in water flow or climate control or when there will be workers in public areas. We do this for property owners with no set-up fee and a low renewal fee.

Full Service

Delaware Only

Full-service property management means we offer a complete tenant screening process, online rent accounting, discounted leasing, and full-service management generally—all for a low renewal rate.

Do you know that rental property management services can increase your profits? Why is this? The more readily a tenant can access help in an emergency (like having no hot water or an unexpected large ceiling crack), the more likely they will be to speak well of the property management company and extend their tenancy rather than relocating.

Rent Accounting

Discounted Services
Available in all 50 states

Few would disagree that online accounts are convenient for both owners and tenants. They provide 24/7 online access, which is an excellent benefit for those with busy schedules or irregular work hours.

They allow owners ready access to property reports, and online payment collection benefits all parties. Our online payment system provides monthly statements with direct deposit and year-end 1099 tax forms. And it is all covered by one fixed fee that you’ll agree is quite reasonable.

Furthermore, online accounts allow tenants in a global workforce to pay their rent on time while working abroad. Thus, property owners can actually live and work almost anywhere in the world while staying apprised of property maintenance, tenant changeover, and a host of other things they need to remain advised of.


Delaware Only

A lease is a long-term contract meant to protect property owners and tenants by ensuring a fixed length of occupancy and the corresponding payment amount. It also ensures a smooth transition period from one tenant to another.

Once a property becomes available, the leasing process begins. We provide the property owners with a range of rent recommendations to consider, and once a rent figure has been set, the marketing begins.

Our showings include a “self-showing system” that cuts back on the number of missed appointments. It also relieves prospective tenants of the pressure to go only where the showing host takes them. Thus, they will feel more confident that no damages or other drawbacks are hidden from them.

When a prospective tenant expresses interest in a property, we initiate a screening with full credit and background checks. If all goes well, we make a recommendation to the property owner.

If the owner approves, we begin the lease prep and signing, collect the rent deposit, and the new tenant assumes occupancy.

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Innovative Delaware Property Management

Based in Delaware, Worry Free Tenant (WFT) is a startup company created in 2018 to help landlords, managers, agents, and prospective tenants through the rental process. We provide services nationally, and our platform helps everyone, from owners to agents. It is a simple, easy, and free way to find qualified tenants and make informed choices about renting.

Landlords aren’t the only ones using this service. For a fee, tenants get one credit check and a background check to share with any landlord. Plus, there’s no limit on how many times you share your report. One fee. One credit check. No more inquiries on your credit when finding a rental. Any landlord can sign up as a WFT Landlord for free and view tenant reports.

Best Practices for Property Owners and Landlords

There are many practices in property management that the best in the business try to use because they help both tenants, property owners, and their own businesses.


We all know that the screening process is never 100% accurate. And policies are often challenged for good reasons. Instead of laying down rules unequivocally, why not get to know the tenants who treat you and others kindly and never cause problems. What if rent is late because someone in the family is gravely ill? What if a distressed child needs a pet for comfort?

In the long run, a reasonable amount of understanding and compassion can make your job much more manageable and curb tenant turnover.


With the rise of the “gig economy,” there was already a move toward a mobile and work-from-home workforce. The pandemic only added to that, as employers allowed telecommuting as a means of staying solvent without the fear of contagion. Now, it has become something of an expectation.

Many flourishing singles and childless couples choose to rent or lease so they can work from home—or wherever their wanderlust takes them. Moreover, today’s younger generations don’t accumulate as much as their predecessors and value the convenience of more compact living spaces.



These terms are used interchangeably a lot of the time. But unless you run a boarding house or extended stay motel, try not to refer to your properties as rentals. “Rental” is often associated with short-term stays. For tenants and property owners wanting a tenancy to last, the term “leasing” is a better choice. It evokes a sense of continuity and the possibility of renewal.

Some people spend their entire adult lives in leased properties and sincerely think of them as home.


Tenants might not be aware that a landlord’s insurance covers a building’s structure and damage caused to it. But it will cover little if any damage to the tenant’s personal property. It also won’t cover liability for injuries occurring on or in the rental property. Many landlords make renters’ insurance mandatory since it can help prevent legal disputes over liability.

Delaware Property Management:
Do You Need It?

Traditional landlords have a lot on their plate—especially those who own multiple properties. But do they really have to manage everything on their own? What if they want to go on vacation? What if they just want a good night’s sleep without being awakened by a tenant with an urgent situation? That’s where we come in.

If you’re a property owner, Delaware Property Management can take virtually all, or at least some of the ownership responsibilities, off your hands. If you’re a tenant, you will be relieved by not needing to wake the owner up late at night, knowing a company can step in. We answer tenant calls 24/7 because that’s our job. And we do it well!

Why Delaware Realty Management?


“The management team always responds quickly for any needs that I may have as an owner. It’s the perfect partnership.”
— M. Metz


“There were a few things that needed to be addressed in our condo when we moved in and an issue with our fridge (which was replaced promptly the next day it burnt out with a beautiful stainless steel fridge). We couldn’t be happier with the service she has provided us and our experience 14 months later.”

Jessica S.


“DRM looks out for the best interest of the property owner.”
K. Morgan


“I would strongly recommend DRM to anyone looking for a management company. I live out of state, so it is important to have a management company who can be hands on.”
— A. Lange


“DRM have been my property managers for over 10 years and I’ve had no major issues. I live several states away and I don’t worry at all about my house in Delaware. Nikki is always on the ball.”

Opkala Girls



“Great team, always responsive, friendly and courteous”
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