• Collect Rents, Fees, and other charges due from tenant(s)
  • Oversee day to day maintenance and repairs
  • Offer 24 hour emergency service
  • Render all legal notices (violation notices, demand notices, renewals, etc.)
  • Appear in court for Landlord-Tenant & Debt Action cases or cooperate with attorney if found necessary (fees are responsibility of owner.)
  • Execute on summary possession awards
  • Collections on judgments (wage attachments, goods & chattel) when able
  • Final Walk Through with tenants
  • Security deposit disbursements
  • Show property for rent/place on web page/place in TREND® when beneficial
  • Secure applications and credit checks on prospective tenants
  • Sign leases and collect rents and deposits
  • Keep all deposits in a security deposit account at MTB
  • Send monthly statements detailing transactions
  • Send year end statements and 1099s for tax purposes
  • All other day to day management needed
  • We off to you: 24/7 online access to your rental account
    Option to deposit your funds via EFT
    Option to collect rents from tenants via EFT



  • Show property for rent
  • Place property for rent in Trend Multi-List Service when selected
  • Advertise on several rental sites (Zillow, craigslist, trulia, etc)
  • Place on Web Page
  • Allow Agents from other Real Estate Agencies to show the home.
  • Pay commission to other agents if applicable.
  • Secure application and credit checks on prospective tenants.
  • Sign leases and collect security deposits from tenants.
  • Deduct leasing fee from tenant’s first month’s rent payment.


For those who want to show and manage their own home, we offer help through tenant screening. We can pull credit reports, do criminal background checks, verify rental histories, sign leases and collect the first month rent all for one low fee.

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