Property Management in Bear, Delaware — What You Need to Know

July 7, 2022

Why Buy or Manage Property in Bear, Delaware?

Bear, Delaware has a population over 20,000 people, and that number is growing every year. Bear has become a more popular suburb in the last forty years, moving on from its humble farming origins. If you’re considering property management in Bear, Delaware, there are a lot of great features to attract renters and make it a great place to live.

Residents can explore a variety of local eateries, bars, and breweries along Pulaski Highway or mark everything off their shopping lists at Governor’s Square Shopping Center. Green spaces like Glasgow Park, Becks Pond Park, and Lums Pond State Park provide nature-lovers with ample outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, and camping. If you’re considering living in Bear or even just buying property, here are a few things that are worth considering before taking the leap:

Bear Location

Bear is a less than twenty-minute drive south of both Newark and Wilmington, so all the perks of bigger-city life are easily accessible. The town is also about 5 miles from the Delaware River and Deemers Beach, perfect for those who need to be close to the sea.

Education in Bear

Bear is serviced by Christina School District and Colonial School District, with a total of 14 public schools. There are also four private options in the area and an even wider variety in nearby hubs like Newark and Wilmington. Newark is also home to the University of Delaware, which is ranked in the country’s top 100 universities.

Finding the Perfect Bear Property

Searching for property can be a very intimidating experience. However, there are things that you can do to make the process a little bit easier.

  • Use authentic and reliable websites to search for available property listings.
  • Chat with your local real estate agents so that you can be notified of available properties before anyone else.
  • Research what price other houses were sold for to get an idea of the “sold price” for the kind of property you’re looking for.
  • Thoroughly check the neighborhood prior to making any offer.
  • Do research on the risk of flooding in your chosen area before making any commitments.

Taking the time to do adequate research will help you prepare for making such a big life decision so that you can be confident that you are making the right choice.

Property Management in Bear, Delaware

Most of the houses and apartment complexes in Bear, Delaware were built in the last 40 years. The homeownership rate in the area is 58% and has been gradually decreasing in the past few years.

Interested in owning property in the beautiful county of New Castle County, Delaware? Consider checking online listings for available properties in Bear. Whether you’re looking for your next rental property or need assistance managing your current property, you can connect with us for all your property management needs.

Your partner in property management in Bear, Delaware!

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