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DRM Founders Jane Perillo and Laura Stayton have over 30 years of experience in property management. Jane and Laura met in 1989 while working for the same property management company in Delaware. Soon after, they launched Delaware Realty Management. Their experiences with property management and rentals have taught them to be well aware of the stresses and risks that come along with renting properties, making them highly qualified to handle all aspects of the management of your homes in order to protect your investment and maximize your bottom line.


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Jane started in Real Estate in 1985 and quickly transitioned to property management by 1988. She chose to specialize in management, and since then has continued to grow her knowledge and love of the Real Estate industry. As a mother of 2 kids, 1 being special needs, Jane holds family and faith close to her heart, and loves doing all things Disney with those closest to her.

Laura Stayton

Laura Stayton


Laura began pursuing a career in Property Management in 1989 on top of working in Sales. She comes from a large, close knit family and also prioritizes her faith. Laura enjoys spending her time traveling, exercising, and playing games to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Manage Your Free Time. We’ll Manage Your Properties.

Owners Jane Perillo & Laura Stayton are dedicated to providing big company property management services, while offering all of the advantages that come with small business customer service. With our software program and knowledge of the industry we are able to compete with large property management companies in Delaware and beyond, who sometimes have too much on their plate to prioritize your needs.

At Our Property Management Company, You are a Priority

We ensure that we connect with our clients quickly, directly, and efficiently to optimize your experience with us. Over time we have adapted to changes throughout the industry and stayed up to date on the most current information so that we can guarantee you the highest quality of service that you deserve.

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When choosing a property management company in Delaware…

Why Delaware Realty Management?

DRM have been my property managers for over 10 years and I’ve had no major issues. I live several states away and I don’t worry at all about my house in Delaware. Nikki is always on the ball.

Opkala Girls

I would strongly recommend DRM to anyone looking for a management company. I live out of state, so it is important to have a management company who can be hands on.

A. Lange

Great team, always responsive, friendly and courteous

A Saunders


I. Tafari

Excellent management, fantastic company, you will not find better. I highly recommend.

D. Newman

Thank you so much for working with [us] on getting our home in Newark ready to rent. We appreciate all you did with the applications, credit scores and lease. You helped find the perfect tenants. We will use your services again when their lease is up.

Charles and Patti

I have worked with them over the past few years and have had nothing but great service. I have several properties and they have done a terrific job managing them for me, providing great service to my tenants at a very fair price!

M. Mayo

Delaware Realty Management is a joy to work with! Quick to respond, very detailed, and well-versed in what they do.

E. Martin

DRM looks out for the best interest of the property owner.

K. Morgan

The management team always responds quickly for any needs that I may have as an owner. It’s the perfect partnership.

M. Metz

I have been working with Jane and Laura for about 15 years providing pest control services. Very easy to work with and very professional.

V. Shiwpal

Great team and prompt maintenance. Beautiful place to live would recommend.

M. Susan

The team at Delaware Realty Management was extremely professional and supported our renting process in a timely matter. They always walked the extra mile for making us feel secure and confident throughout the process, clarifying our questions and making this transition as smooth as possible for our family. I will highly recommend DRM for your housing needs, they will take great care of you and your family!

S. Madrigal

Amazing company!!!, Professional staff. I recommend Delaware Realty Management.

G. Zavala

I’m so pleased with Laura and her team. It was a great experience from application to move in. The team was so resourceful being that I’m relocating from another state. Thanks ladies!

E. Oluwatayo

A great company to work with. Jane made this looking and obtaining a new rental place easy and painless. Timely responses friend and patient. I just wish my last property management company was 1/5th as good as Delaware Realty Management, LLC is. Looking forward to many years of great service with them.

R. Mosher

Amazing management! They have been so kind and easy to work with!

C. Phillips

We have been working with Delaware Realty Management for some time now and could not say enough about them. They are efficient and friendly. If you’re looking for a realty team, look no further!

Paddy's Roofing

There were a few things that needed to be addressed in our condo when we moved in and an issue with our fridge (which was replaced promptly the next day it burnt out with a beautiful stainless steel fridge). We couldn’t be happier with the service she has provided us and our experience 14 months later.

Jessica S.

Great Property! Lauren is the best!

S. Lander

Delaware Realty Management have been excellent property managers throughout my tenancy. Very personable, accommodating, quick response(s) whenever I had questions or needed something fixed. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to work with them.

R. Scott

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