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September 9, 2020

According to TransUnion Smart Move, The world is becoming more digital, with nearly 77 percent of Americans owning a smartphone. The younger generations are abandoning traditional marketing tactics such as real estate signs or newspaper ads when looking for a rental. They want online reviews. Renters seek tools that update in real-time. Your renters continue to turn to their smartphones and social networks for every step of the rental process.

A listing is only as good as its ability to garner interest in your property. One tip to do that is to get professional-quality photos taken or 360° virtual walkthroughs. You can’t help but attract more interest. Thus, saving yourself time by weeding out renters who have something else in mind.

Looking for a Rental?

If you the one looking for a rental on the various sites, we know how stressful finding the right rental home can be. The fees, paperwork, and hits on your credit score can really stack up, especially if you’re shopping around at multiple rentals.

Let Worry Free Tenant (WFT) Ease Your Struggles.

For only $40, WFT allows you to fill out your application and upload all of your documents just one time. Once your report is complete, you can then automatically share it with all WFT landlords, as well as any other landlords you invite to WFT. Your report is active for 60 days.

Our tenant screening process is easy… pay once and share your rental application with any landlord.

Your  Report to Share with All Landlords Includes

  • Contact Information
  • Income Report
  • Credit Report
  • Criminal and Civil Records
  • Eviction History
  • Sex Offender List
  • Terrorist Watch List
  • Address History
  • Employment History
  • Share Paystubs
  • Share Driver’s License
  • Access Your Account on Any Desktop or Mobile Device
  • Does Not Affect Your Credit Score

The landlords are weighing your application. You can judge them on their property management skills. Are the grounds maintained? From the outside, do you see evidence of sloppy maintenance, or will you be proud to live here? When you tour the inside, has it been freshly painted? Do all the faucets and toilets work; sinks drain, water clear?

If you see signs that Delaware Realty Management is on board as a property management company, you can assure yourself that the owners have chosen the best for you and them.

We said the world is becoming more digital. How would you like to have the ability to have

  • Online accounts for owners and tenants
  • 24/7 online access
  • Online payment collection
  • Monthly statements with direct deposit

That’s Delaware Realty Management. That’s a property management company that will welcome you as a tenant and a landlord.

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