Introducing Stress-Free Property Management

June 12, 2023

Management Lite – The Ultimate Solution for Multi-Unit Investors

Welcome to Management Lite, a new service catering to the needs of multi-unit investors seeking greater freedom of time without incurring the hefty price tag of full management. Let’s face it, the task of overseeing multiple units can be challenging and incredibly demanding. Managing tenants entails numerous time-consuming tasks. However, through our property management system, we shoulder the majority of these responsibilities. Dealing with screenings, handling phone calls, rent collection, sending late letters, and maintenance reporting would become a thing of the past, leaving you to focus primarily on addressing maintenance issues as they are reported through our portal. Read on to find out more about this new program and how it can help!

Discounted Tenant Placement or Self-Finding Option

With Management Lite, we offer flexibility in tenant placement. You can take advantage of our discounted tenant placement service using the lockbox system, saving you money and time. Alternatively, if you prefer to find your own tenants, we can step in and handle the screening and management process. This choice allows you to customize your property management experience to suit your preferences and needs.

Seamless Tenant Screening and Lease Signing

Tenant screening and lease signing are essential components of effective property management. Our dedicated team will conduct comprehensive background checks, credit assessments, and eviction reports to identify the most suitable tenants for your properties. Moreover, we streamline the lease signing process, ensuring accurate and efficient completion of all necessary paperwork. With Management Lite, you can trust that your tenant screening and lease signing are expertly handled, allowing you to focus on other aspects of property management with confidence.

Efficient 1099’s, Late Letters, and Maintenance Reporting

Managing financial paperwork can be time-consuming, but with Management Lite, we simplify the process. Our service includes handling 1099 forms, sending late letters to tenants, and managing maintenance reporting. You can rest easy knowing that these essential tasks are taken care of, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your property management responsibilities.

Streamline Your Property Management Effortlessly

Streamline your property management operations without the hassle. Our comprehensive suite of services, including tenant screening, lease signing, rent collection, tenant communications, 1099’s, and maintenance reporting, ensures that your property management is handled professionally and efficiently. We take care of the details, so you can focus on maximizing your rental profits and expanding your investment portfolio. Unlock the full potential of hassle-free property management with Management Lite. Click Here To Get Started!

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